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Larry Davis Story - A Routine Typical Hustle

Larry Davis Story - A Routine Typical Hustle
The real story about Bronx, NY cop shooter and drug dealer Larry Davis, the story you should be told. Getting to know Davis and Troy Reed directly and discovering the truth about them has opened my eyes to an ugly world of animalistic humans I never would have imagined existed.

If after reading this book, you still believe Davis was set up to sell drugs and that cops were out to assassinate him on the day of the now infamous shootout, then you can believe I have a few bridges, state national parks, and a nice property at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in D.C. to sell to you for $1.00 (food stamps and Monopoly money accepted, with 100 year payment plans available).

This story has been adapted from my personal interviews and time with both the "captivating" Larry Davis and the "always cleverly deceiving" Troy Reed. This book will definitely have you question your value system and who you believe is a hero or role model for yourself or your children.

Numerous people believe Larry Davis was set up to sell drugs. More people believe the myth of Larry Davis than religious content, including infamous persons who have provided commentary for the fabricated video documentary. Yet, I quickly discovered a chain of greed and vanity at anyone's expense that couldn't have developed in prison, but existed long before the infamous shootout.

Had anyone who believes the myth spent time getting to know Davis, they would have discovered the real Larry Davis, and the deceiving mentality of the video producers (Troy Reed). How credible can the story be if the producer, Troy Reed, is sleeping with the niece of Larry Davis, and who along with several other women including Kisha, also openly wait for his return home and money from hustling white women via prostitution to produce fake stories?

Lives have been destroyed severely while the Larry Davis myth is promoted by persons who can't wait to wake up to commit a crime or horrendous act. The most sickening and justifying excuse from people who believe the myth: "Davis was just doing what he had to do to survive". Yet, Davis came from a well-established family. Davis' choice into a life of crime has become a convenient "race card" blame-game to justify more crime or blame "the man" instead of practicing self-respect like Dr. Martin L. King Jr. and Brother Malcolm X in his latter days.

The Davis-Reed "race card" and "poor black man trying to survive" false hype and fake story has made Davis a self-proclaimed hero in Bronx, NY and an "urban legend". People are even being misled with a video documentary (produced and promoted by ghetto "street stars") of a beating incident, but very important factual details are not told, including that the documentary was produced and promoted with money and equipment stolen from others. You cannot cry "foul" or racism regarding ANY people who get up daily to do a legal job, pay taxes and legally take care of their family, if you're living foul and doing foul daily! Murder, endangering child welfare, staying two steps ahead of the law, "red herrings", and death threats were also part of the fabricated video production plan.

For african-americans, this book will make you think twice about the word "racism" the next time you hear it cried out from an illiterate, deceitful street hustler (Reed) and a willing drug dealing participant (Davis). The playing field has more than been paved from the backs and lives of african-americans who struggled and sacrificed before desegregation with substantially less, but didn't resort to grimy activities. The daily grimy activities of these hustlers are not the reasons why many races risked their lives throughout the 1950's/60's because of REAL and FACTUAL brutality. Instead of a "dream", the Davis/Reed incidents detailed and their daily behavior are definitely Dr. Martin Luther King's nightmare for african-americans. In fact, the civil rights protests would have come to a grinding halt because of their hustling activities and eternally fake stories, and permanently altered the course of so many lives in a negative way.

Also recommended, "A Vicious Circle - The Troy Reed NYC Street Stars Organized Crime To Fame Story".

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