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Troy Reed Street Stars True Story - Vicious Circle

Troy Reed Street Stars True Story - Vicious Circle
Troy Reed NYC Street Stars - From Organized Crime To Movie Productions Fame At Taxpayers Expense

A TRUE story of animalistic greed, mansharing, sex, deceit, fraud & manipulation all centered around a nauseating individual with a false tale to tell and false cries of racism while committing one immoral and criminal act after another while collecting welfare.

Meet Troy Reed, Carolyn/Cat, Veronica, Kisha (his for life ride or die chick), Valorie, Lisa, and other dedicated servants of satan and "street stars" of NYC. How they spend their days carrying out one deceitful act after another at the expense of others, including taxpayers, while "praising the lord" will shock and surprise you.

Troy, a multiple convicted felon, child support dodger/hustler and current welfare recipient a.k.a. "movie producer", is a "down low" brother who hates women, but needs all types of them to achieve his financial dream. Currently, white women are his favorite financial conquests because he openly brags that "they're easier to hustle". As a psychopath who has no remorse for the lives he destroys, he's cleverly mastered entering the lives of all types of women for his financial gain. If necessary, he will move in with one while stealing her assets and other property, and while bringing his bottom girls into her home for sex and other crimes. Find out how the life of Denise, a corporate America victim, almost ended from their organized deception. And you'll be shocked to discover what Denise and many others, including law enforcement, were deceived for.

If you're serious about entering into a life of crime, then Troy Reed, with the help of his ride or die chick - Kisha, is your go-to man. His teachers are some of the best criminals in the world. The words he repeats are directly from them, especially given Reed is mildly retarded with the reading comprehension of a 6-year-old. However, Reed is a good student. He and his crew have mastered the art of breaking the law within the law with help unknowingly from various law enforcement and government agencies. By the time the hustle is figured out, the crew has moved on to their next hustle. Reed's "bottom girls", which include his daughter, are always helping him cover his tracks. This includes lying to any court with the help of children, and even lying to the state child support office, with inside help, to avoid payments for his 9+ kids by 9+ different women.

The lives of these central true story characters will be forever going around in an avoidable vicious circle of lies and fraud that are getting harder and harder each day to cover up.

Find out why they actually feel their behavior is cool and justified, and how they're able to outslick so many intelligent men and women. The epitome of street hustlers and low-lifes, the ultimate slap in the face to Dr. Martin L. King Jr., Coretta Scott King, Medgar Evers, and everyone else who positively makes this world better for all, and they are a nightmare for every non-urban parent in the world working daily to keep their family away from people like this.

Features candid details, photographs, and excerpts from interviews. This is an excellent book for urban mothers and fathers to use as an example of immorality to demonstrate "it's not where you live, it's how you live".

Also recommended, "A Routine Typical Hustle - The Real Larry Davis Story", regarding the fake/false story produced with money stolen and laundered by Troy Reed.

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