Dana Loesch, a child of Jim Crow Benefactor migrants, calls Martin Bashir a "foreigner" 
Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 08:20 PM - Breitbart
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http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/04/21 ... try-audio/

First, I didn't know Dana Loesch was Native Indian. :-| *sarcasm*

Second, Dana Loesch is a child of Jim Crow Benefactor migrants - persons who migrated to this country during Jim Crow to take advantage of the "whites only" opportunities while resettling, killing and banning Natives and original occupants.

:woops: Oh wait...you're not supposed to know that. You're supposed to believe (without questioning or seeking truth) that Dana Loesch represents the ORIGINAL and ONLY values and beliefs of this country and that she and her kind ARE the original, non-foreign persons of North America, and all others invaded their space with hate and exploitation in their hearts. :-| Wondering what would have happened if my Native ancestors told first new settlers who DIDN'T or DID arrive with Loesch-hate in their hearts: ""GO HOME"?

And CNN hired her. THAT is the shocker! :o

More libertarian "gems" from Dana Loesch: danabusted.blogspot.com/
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