meet BrewCitriot, who thinks #TamirRice got what he deserved 
Monday, April 25, 2016, 06:42 PM - NRA
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Yea, black people are the problem, right? :nope: Meet a fake Mayflower descendant who's actually just a first/second Jim Crow Benefactor descendant and his two equally vile pals. All three of these persons claim to love god/"Jesus", claim to be christians and one is comedy that writes itself: prolife AND pro-Israel (Israel allows abortion on demand WITH universal healthcare). And another is a law-enforcement hanger-on, while another is another vile, racist product of U.S. Department of Defense.

All three could proudly represent either :hitler: or :kkk: PROUDLY on any given day! :nod:

@BrewCitriot @BrewCitriot @vilevillainess @OkieVision @BrewCitriot @fernandocarnal @TamirRice This excrement on sidewalk actually thinks it will receive a response from me.:lmfao: Wait, how do you keep an asshole in suspense?? This sidewalk excrement will find out real soon. :nod:

That is what GOP "christians" think of a black child gunned down by a member of law enforcement who didn't even take one second to LISTEN TO A BLACK CHILD advising the gun is a toy, a child simply playing, but thanks to another Jim Crow Benefactor, it was assumed the black child was a giant, savage, thug. And that is what GOP "christians" think of blacks in general. But, again, blacks are the problem, right? :wait:
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