Betsey Dewey wants to lead, while praising bomb threaters and their supporters 
Thursday, May 31, 2012, 02:30 AM - Breitbart
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Betsey Dewey is running for PUBLIC OFFICE with extremists in tow!

an article of Betsey Dewey, unfortunately, was featured in my paper. :-| you'll have to ask "" why, especially given my own paper settings AND that I don't follow her or related persons, and wouldn't know they exist if not for their promotion through paper. Soooo, the rest, which speaks volumes for Betsey Dewey's ethics and integrity, is history... and captured below. Betsey Dewey, who's running for U.S. Congress, for Texas-District 25, was more concerned with placating to the bomb threat team members she pals around with, especially Breitbart terrorist members. ... pew-venom/
now referencing a DIRECT Breitbart contributor: Kurt Schlichter (who wants to wipe out liberals or silence them as a "Libertarian"):

note: should have been "u can't say" below

"Betsey" happy to follow and chat with members and associates of bomb threat team:

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