meet a christian, conservative, constitutionalist who says this blog is NOT CREDIBLE 
Monday, July 15, 2013, 01:06 PM - Palin, Coulter, Limbaugh
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note description of blog above as well as "These are the persons who want to lead government and think all should follow their lead with terrorists in tow.", and see bomb threat or ANY KKK (domestic terrorists) related site.

now visit: -- she's proud of her Revolutionary War heritage, you know the war where persons fought over taxes including for their slaves. and here she is today fighting over taxes with exploitation and Koch Brothers in tow! oh and she's a "constitutionalist" who bashes muslims and "the left". gotta love how constitutionalists divide w/incendiary false rhetoric THEN attempt to conquer

NOW, take a look at @tp_nonnie's own tweets: :-| ( .pdf online file)

just some of their bio:

and keep in mind, would have NEVER saw this person without their Nazi-style patrolling and unsolicited tweets :-|

but, bummed I still don't know the "Christ" she worships. oh well, another #tcot mystery
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